We are a Christian Mentoring and Media Firm

led by CEO Jacqui Hutchinson, we provide support to individuals in need of mentoring to develop their God given potential and op​erate in a spirit of excellence

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Definitely not someone to play with, Jacqui is about the Lord's business and is committed to seeing people succeed in life, I am so blessed to have her as a "force to be reckoned with" in my life, so grateful that through her guidance, I have been so blessed to achieve more than I ever thought I could, she dares you to dream and do!

Client : C. Bannister


Jacqui added great value to my live and ministry, Our band was blessed to have her assistance with our Tour”to the USA and Asia in September to October 2019. She worked diligently as part of my Team in the US  by facilitating all of the tedious logistical details of the Tour. and being such an amazing sounding board, forever grateful!

Client : J. Edwards

This lady is an absolute gift to the body of Christ and especially to me...

Her riv​ers of wisdom and knowledge in The Word run deep, the accura​cy of her spiritual insight is precise!! I’m grateful for your pour into my life and even for the corrections. I honor you Prophetess Jacqui!

Client : J Lewin


For the time I have known Jacqui, she has been very hardworking and relentless. A very passionate woman about her business and defining your purpose. She brings great concepts to the table that develop your brand and move your business forward. If you have a passion and not sure how and where to start, Jacqui is the person I trust to get things done!

Client : S. Dyer

Jacqui is someone who takes the time to understand you and ultimately your business. I sat down and discussed where I was in my life path and some of the ideas I had, she really broke them open and allowed me to see and explore the gifts that were on the inside of me, I was then referred to a Web Developer and got my two businesses registered and they are now up and running the delightful plus is, she also gave me my very first Client : B. Jobe