Who We Are

Virtuous Entertainment LLC creates platforms for our Artistes to showcase skill, passion and their creative endeavors and music to the world. With a passion matched only by that of our Clients, Virtuous Entertainment LLC (VEL) is committed to building new brands based on our Client's ideas and interests, we offer:-

 Artist Representation

Tour Planning and Promotion

Assistance with Work Permits

Administrative Support

Success Coaching and Consulting

Personal Brand Development 

Our Services Include:

  • Public Relations
  • Image Consulting
  • Setting Up Tours
  • Managing Tours
  • Logistics Services
  • Administration Services


Jacqui Hutchinson


 Jacqui has a wealth of Corporate experience and brings her strong business acumen to the table.  A woman of great wisdom, who is known for her kind heart for others, Jacqui is a Mentor to many and is able with great compassion and prophetic insight to minister into the lives of her Clients.

She heads up a Team of experienced, credentialed Christian Consultants, as they diligently support individuals who are passionate about realizing their dreams and maximizing their potential.

Be creative, let us handle the details!